InfoMaker Badge Series: Levels 1-5

Greetings, educators!

do you want to acknowledge and scaffold learning in design thinking for kids? science? ELA skills in science or technical subjects? creating (or “making”) a product and refinement cycle?

InfoMaker: Level 1

In the InfoMaker Digital Badge series, kids learn how to obtain, evaluate and create information through solving an authentic problem, whether that be designing a possible solution to a watershed concern, or to investigate the effect of different chocolate chips in a recipe, designing the lightest, functioning bridge model which will hold a certain weight, or the difference in users’ experiences when changing font color and/or size on a web site.

You’ve got it! Kids make things based upon their research into a design or scientific problem, suggest a possible solution and test their ideas. Fun and really important thinking skills. Learn about the InfoMaker Badge Series:

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