Digital Badges Challenge! Show what you know!

InfoMaker: Level 1

Do you like to experiment, learn and grow?

Would you like to try something a bit different and maybe earn digital badges to show what you’ve learned to parents, teachers, college admission officers or even possible employers? Would you like some of the learning you do outside of school to “count?” We have a series of digital badge challenges for you — earn digital badges and show what you know!

Digital badges can recognize and communicate your learning to any or all of these audiences in a really great way – the badges “live” online. Attached to the badges are your project files or links to the products you create to earn the badge. You can choose which badges to earn and display, and if you are 13 or older, you can collect and display your badges in a “digital backpack.”

We are educators – teachers and researchers – who are interested in learning more about how pre-teens and teens learn DataBadge1(or not) using digital badges.  We’ve organized a study where youth in grades 6-12 can earn digital badges by “making” and learning by experimenting with different “designs” and also in some cool math skills (using data). Use of technology is not required, but welcomed! You can “make” something for a school project or something on your own – a game, a great recipe, mod software, prepare and test a social media project to change the world – almost anything!

We are looking for youth who may be interested in participating in the study (your parents must agree as well).  Basically how the study works is that you will be matched with a teacher/mentor who will guide you to earn badges and to take surveys for the research.   Here are samples of the badges you can earn: InfoMaker (“making” things and creating information): (ages 11-18), Data Whiz (data and information):, Data Hacker (more advanced data and information): You can try to earn all 5 levels of each badge, or as many as you want, over the course of about 4 weeks.

Data hacker 1If you think you may be interested in this challenge, please fill out this very short survey to sign up for more information: (you can still change your mind if you want, even if you sign up for more info). For additional details, contact Angela Elkordy,  or ask a parent or teacher to call:  (734) 494-0640. Show what you know!

Deadline is December 16, 2013.


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