About Us

BadgeBox Learning is all about innovative, engaging learning experiences in  K-12, higher education and professional learning contexts. Our goal is to help you to meet your instructional goals through creative and meaningful learning experiences. Badgebox Learning is based in the mid-West region of the U.S.; its impact is global through virtual interactions and consultants willing to travel.

The use of digital badge assessments is one way that learning can be leveraged; by designing meaningful trajectories and evidence based assessment, digital badges can be used to scaffold, assess and communicate achievements. This can result in learning which is motivating and empowering for learners as well as facilitators.

We can assist you in designing (or redesigning)  instruction to support your learning goals and digital badge mini credentials. Wish to convert existing educational programs into a digital badge framework? we can help. Have a digital badge pilot program in place? we can help you evaluate its impact.

What are your instructional goals or outcomes? Contact us at info@badgebox.net  or call (734) 494-0640 and one of our experienced learning designers will contact you shortly.  We look forward to collaborating with you.


The Principal of Badgebox Learning,  Dr. Angela Elkordy, has over two decades of experience connecting appropriate instructional resources, knowledge and training for technology-based learning. She specializes in sharing research-based learning theories and practices in an accessible manner to enhance educators’ professional practices with technology tools and digital pedagogies.

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