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Welcome and thank you for your interest in learning more about the Digital Badges in STEM Learning research study!

Thoughtfully implemented, a digital badge program may provide an exceptional opportunity to guide, measure, celebrate and communicate learning. By participating in this study, you can support the important work to learn more about how digital badges “work,”  as well as to help identify robust assessment practices and caveats about using badges.

The study is designed to be implemented with educators’ own curricula to be an enhancement of work already going on in learning spaces — in a relatively short amount of time. Paperwork and program administration is minimal for ease of participation.

Eligibility: Educators working in traditional classrooms or informal learning contexts, working with young adults in grades 6-10 (ages approximately 11-15)

Who Might Be Interested: Innovative educators who are looking for new ways to scaffold, measure, recognize and communicate learning — particularly learning which may not yet be formally assessed nor recognized.  Participating educators can earn the Innovative Educator: Digital Badge Edition and participate in a free, professional learning experience,  (online) Digital Badge Design for Learning: 101.

Study Timeline: late Summer 2013 to early Fall 2013; all data must be collected by November, 2013

Study Timeframe: 2-6 weeks

Participation in the study:  has been streamlined, to make the experience empowering for participating educators and student/youth participants alike.  We know you are busy and we wish to respect that time by minimizing extra effort while maximizing gains.

Participants will agree to maintain a list of students, student codes, consent forms, share the digital badge program with youth participants, notify the researcher when badges are earned (so they can be issued). Both adult and youth participants will complete two surveys each, one before and one after the badge program.  Learn more below.

The digital badge program may be used with your own instructional content which coincides with the knowledge and skills targeted by the digital badges (analyzing and interpreting data and developing and using models). In addition to math and science content, educators working in Language Arts, Social Sciences and other disciplines can also easily incorporate the badge assessments into their programs.

Cost: None

Principal Investigator: Angela Elkordy, Doctoral Candidate, College of Education, Leadership and Counseling, Eastern Michigan University, aelkordy@emich.edu

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Digital badges for learning and communicating achievement:

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