BadgeWorks …. Standards….and Influences

Standards are useful to add context and a framework for learning objectives as well as achievements. However, it’s important to note that “new’ knowledge or skill, which may become essential, may not yet be “defined.” Digital badges can be  useful to describe this learning.

The digital badges in this study are designed to function as a bridge between learning in formal (classroom) as well as non-formal or informal learning environments; some of the learning is aligned with recognized standards such as these:


Youth Participants:


Educator Participants:

The  digital badges for the STEM study were also “informed” or influenced by the ideas of Connected Learning and a “Digital” Bloom’s Taxonomy…. which basically provide a framework to describe the kinds of learning our youth tend to really like…

Learn more about the Connected Learning Model (Mimi Ito et al):

Some wonderful work on a proposed revised Digital Bloom’s Taxonomy by Andrew Churches:’s+Digital+Taxonomy   and Kathy Schrock’s Bloomin’ Apps:

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